Alibaba Plans Live Entertainment Business Group

Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group plans to establish its live entertainment business group, which includes Damai, MaiLive, and Maizuo.

Author: Jacky Ho   

Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group has announced plans to establish a live entertainment business group, including Damai, MaiLive, and Maizuo. Alibaba Vice President, Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group Secretary-General, Alibaba Music CEO, and Damai CEO Yu Zang will be in charge of the live entertainment business group.

In March 2017, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. acquired China's biggest online ticketing platform Damai, clearly identifying Alibaba's ambition to push into entertainment as the Chinese giant continues to expand beyond its core e-commerce business.

Damai is an e-commerce integration platform and entertainment community for online ticket-booking in China. Its diversified business has straddled five major areas of cultural and creative domains, including entertainment, sports, tourism, Internet, and software development.

"Our mission is to allow customers who have fun shopping on Alibaba to truly live at Alibaba," said Yu Yongfu, the chairman and CEO of Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group. "In addition to shopping, we would like our customers to spend more time to watch videos, to get information, to listen to music and to game at Alibaba."