China's First "Ali Intelligent Gas Station" On Its Way

Alibaba will be in Hangzhou this month to build the China's first "Ali intelligent gas station”.

Author: Jacky Ho   

Alibaba is planning to build China's first "Ali intelligent gas station" that effectively pumps your gas for you, the website TechWeb has reported.

According to the introduction, the Alibaba gas station can identify a license plate number through an infrared camera, which then determines the car model, the identity of the owner, the Taobao ID, and other information. When the car enters the gas station, the machine can automatically unscrew the gas cap, select the gasoline, pump the gas, and finally, replace the gas cap.

the announcement comes as this year, all e-commerce giants have started to push into offline businesses, especially Alibaba. Jack Ma, the company's chairman, first proposed the new retail concept at the Ali cloud conference last October. He said, "there will be no e-commerce in the next 10 or 20 years, there will only be new retail."

In July 2017, Alibaba launched "Taocafe" (with shopping and dining functions) at the second Taobao Maker Festival. There is no cashier at Taocafe.Consumers can leave right after they pick their products. When the user enters the store for the first time, they can get an electronic entrance ticket by using "mobile phone Taobao" to scan the QR code at the entrance to verify identity. Then, they can use the electronic ticket to enter the store when they pass the turnstile, and from that point forward, they do not need mobile phones at all.