Ucommune Expands Its Global Reach With New Communities

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A pioneer in China's coworking space development, Ucommune continues to expand globally. Last month, Ucommune opened eight new communities with a total area of more than 30,000 square meters in eight locations, including Chengdu, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing, and Singapore.


Ucommune creates the most effective environment for entrepreneurs to collaborate. The new spaces facilitate the development of Ucommune's unique coworking system and promote powerful synergies of resources and innovations.

The majority of the company's new communities are located in central business districts (CBDs), while working spaces in Singapore, Qingdao, and Ningbo are set up in landmark office buildings.

Creating the Best Work Environment in CBDs

Financial districts are a favorite location for enterprises. While they are often a city's most aesthetically pleasing area, they also represent progress and bring together businesses in diverse industries. For innovators, offices in CBDs present advantages including operating in a highly efficient office environment, easily attracting new talents, and speedily collaborating – crucial aspects in a company's growth.

At, Ucommune, selecting a location for an office is among the key points of its strategy. It created its first working community in the Dawang Road district, one of the most prosperous business districts in Beijing.

Traditionally, operating offices in financial districts has been costly. However, an ideal solution was found in the recent years – the emergence of joint offices. By using this strategy, Ucommune enables innovators to save about 30 percent of office costs and helps them enter central business areas.


The new Qingdao Shipping Center Ucommune is located on the 32nd floor of Qingdao Shipping Center – the first vertical park in the shipping industry in the CBD of Qingdao. The high-rise reaches 295 meters above the sea level. The design, which implements the most advanced lighting technique, opens to a 360-degree view to Qingdao city and a 270-degree view to the Yellow Sea. The center has gathered various corporate resources to promote multi-dimensional interactions within the industry. On this project, Ucommune has partnered with Debenham Thouard Zadelhoff (DTZ), one of the five largest property management companies in Europe, to provide well-rounded services to its clients.


The Ucommune community in Ningbo is located on floors 34 and 36 of the Bank of China Building. Situated in the CBD of the New Town in the eastern part of Ningbo, the building was designed by an established U.S. firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM). Its design was inspired by the Discobolus, or discus thrower, a masterpiece of Greek sculptor Myron. The building has a height of 246 meters and 49 floors. The layout of the Bank of China Building includes a 13-meter luxurious lobby, a 4.2-meter-high comfortable office space, a 5A Grade A business space, an environment-friendly low-carbon intelligent system and cutting-edge property management. The Bank of China Building, an important supplement to Ningbo Financial Service Center, is expected to attract top 500 national and financial enterprises.


The Singapore Ucommune coworking space is located in Bugis Junction Towers in the commercial center of Singapore. The building is surrounded by commercial enterprises, shopping centers, hotels, and churches. To date, Ucommune has set up four community spaces in Singapore, which has become a significant hub connecting domestic and international corporate resources and propelling enterprises to expand abroad.

Ucommune Aims to Promote Enterprise Growth

The fast development of Ucommune not only provides more optimal solutions for innovators, but also offers in-depth resources for its clients to grow and expand overseas.


As the first unicorn in the coworking industry, Ucommune has been leading the way over the past four years in creating joint working eco-systems that promote innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides innovators with simple office services, in-depth resources, and networking solutions that entrepreneurs require as they push forward in reaching their milestones. Ucommune has constantly upgraded its services via both offline events and online app, and has created a complete and highly-efficient system for enterprises to connect and innovate.

So far, more than a thousand service providers have joined to collaborate in Ucommune's system, offering a wide range of services covering human resources, marketing, legal advice, policy advice, intellectual property, finance and taxation, travel and transportation, and light asset operations management. With more than 200 locations in 44 cities around the world, more than 300,000 members are receiving benefits from this ecosystem.

It is the global expansion of Ucommune that significantly helps enterprises grow, specifically, overseas. Two years ago, Ucommune Singapore Weiyi Technology City Community officially opened. It was the starting point for the company's global membership system. Since then, some of China's leading innovators, including AA accelerators, the one-stop intellectual property service platform Zhiguagua, the sports tourism event operator Runnar, and the enterprise internet solution provider NITHworks, have started on the way to globalization with Ucommune.

To help enterprises to go global, Ucommune has been merging the resources of all parties. It is reported that Ucommune has started to collaborate with the Singapore Enterprise Development Bureau to grant the "Entrepreneurship Entry Permit" to its members.

About Ucommune

Ucommune is the first unicorn enterprise in China's coworking industry that aims to create an ideal working environment for enterprises. It brings together office brands and builds a collaborative platform for networking and resource allocation. Committed to serving millions of enterprises and representing a better life in the city, Ucommune's mission is "to give you every happy working day." Presently, Ucommune has established more than 200 coworking spaces in 44 cities around the world, and has connected more than 300,000 global members.

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