Chinese Big Sister Ai Cheng Joins International Co-Production by MGTV and Discovery

Author: iAsk   

Under the instruction of the State Council Information Office, the world's first internationally co-produced reality show "The Day I Ran China"—featuring foreign volunteers trying out new job experiences in China—has successfully wrapped production. The show is co-produced by domestically and internationally renowned media platforms MGTV and Discovery Channel. The show's global auditioning process brings together outstanding young volunteers from "One Belt One Road" countries to convene in China to learn about the latest "Chinese Kungfu" in the era of Internet+ innovation. Ms. AI Cheng, founder and capital partner of iAsk Media, was invited onto the show as a "Chinese Big Sister" and a role model for the Chinese youth.

"Many foreign friends come to China from faraway lands to seek out a renowned master and learn Kungfu. The Day I Ran China, which wraps today, showcases the Chinese smart manufacturing, the Chinese speed, and the Chinese spirit." said Chinese big sister Ms. AI Cheng at the opening of the show's finale and press conference for release announcements. 


After over 100 days spent across several provinces and delving into cutting-edge industries to take on challenging internship assignments, bilingual big sister Ai led a team of young entrepreneurs from Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, South Korea, India, and Philippines into the water towns of southern Yangtze River and the Gobi deserts of the northwest, where they combated desert sands, languished on sunlit islands, looked into the world-leading logistics system at Yiwu's logistics center, researched the sand control technology at Kubuqi Desert, and learned about the Skynet surveillance system with the police in Hainan. 


As to why the show invited Ms. Ai Cheng onboard, Mr. Vikram Channa, Senior VP for the greater China region of Discovery Channel, explained, "Discovery and MGTV had hoped to invite a role model for Chinese youths with a global perspective, and we needed someone whose talent spans show hosting, entrepreneurship and investment, and Ms. Ai is the best candidate for the Chines big sister." As the only Chinese national among seven international apprentices, big sister Ai said, "I am grateful for the hundred days we spent together, and I'm honored to have shown the apprentices a real and advancing China. And I'm even more honored to join them as a young entrepreneur myself. I will continue to uphold the standard of being a Chinese big sister, and go on assisting more business founders from within and beyond China to create positive energies for the global new economy. "


The show has successfully wrapped production on July 15, 2019 in Hainan. It's set to go online on September 4 this year at and Discovery Asian Pacific's Southeast Asia Channel, South Asia Channel, and Australia New Zealand Channel.