Sogou Launches New Dictation Service With AI

China's internet search engine has announced the initiation of its new dictation service, which it claims can achieve 95 percent transcription accuracy rate.

Author: Anthony Russo   

Sogou Inc. (NYSE: SOGO), a search engine provider based in Beijing, announced on Wednesday the launch of its dictation service for third party voice recorder companies in an effort to simplify communication. 

The new dictation service will enable consumers to easily transcribe, store and edit voice recordings on PC and mobile, according to Sogou's statement. The service will provide advanced voice recognition technology and a language database from Sogou Input Method, which is the largest Chinese language input software, according to the company.

Sogou also said the dictation service can achieve a 95 percent transcription accuracy rate and will benefit businesses, professionals, journalists, students and writers, as the typical transcription process can be time-consuming. The company also said the dictation service will be compatible with over 90 percent of voice recorder gadgets on the market.

Earlier this year, Sogou launched its Sogou AI Recorder C1. The new enhanced model will support recording, translation and interpretation of both real-time and recorded conversations, with a promised 95 percent transcription accuracy rate. The new C1 can transcribe and translate 60-minute audio in five minutes, Sogou claimed.

Also in its statement today, the company announced the Voice Recorder AI Innovation Alliance with major brands including Sony Voice Record, AIGO, Newmine and MSC Group. 

The goal of the alliance is to transform the traditional voice recording industry into Sogou's enhanced AI technologies and machine learning technology, the company said.

Separately, the company launched the world's first Chinese-speaking AI Service Avatar on Tuesday, which was jointly developed with Ping An Puhui, a subsidiary of Ping An Insurance, a leading finance service provider in China. The AI Customer Service Avatar will support interactive communication by incorporating improved algorithms and latest advances in speech synthesis, image detection and prediction capabilities, according to its statement on Tuesday.

Sogou, which said its Avatar is a "lifelike" professional customer service representative, will integrate its service into Ping An Puhui's mobile app and will be able to answer questions and process customer inquiries, as well as provide advice on relevant credit financial services. 

The announcement from Sogou sent its shares up more than 2 percent Wednesday, to $4.28 apiece.