JD Launches New Self-Service Storage

The new service is a professional storage solution for individuals and enterprises in China.

Author: Yaning Ying   

JD.com Inc. (Nasdaq: JD) has launched a new storage service, Jingxiaocang, providing small and medium-sized professional storage for individuals and enterprises. 

The service, run by JD Logistics, is a mini-warehouse product to satisfy various storage needs, JD said in a statement on its corporate blog late last month. For individuals, these can be daily necessities, personal collections and temporary storage needs. Users can drop off and pick up items at any time, as well as track the storage process from start to finish on their mobile apps, the company added. 

For enterprises, Jingxiaocang fits the needs to store administrative materials, exhibition materials storage, including office supplies, tools and equipment, the company said.

Through the JD Express Delivery mini-program on WeChat, users can complete the whole process of signing contracts, placing orders, inventory checking, picking up items. Customers can track every step of their storage process from start to finish on their phones, the company said.

"JD is known among Chinese customers for reliability, trust and speed," the head of strategy and innovation at JD Logistics, Bing Fu, said in the statement. "Initial customer feedback shows us that consumers are excited about this service, and believe it can fill an unmet need in the storage market."

According to Sina, Jingxiaocang has been launched in Beijing and will eventually offer services in other first-tier cities, like Shanghai and Guangzhou. JD.com also plans to build specialized temporary warehouses based on different categories of goods, such as file storage, clothing warehouse, wine storage, the news agency reported.

On Friday, the stock in JD closed at $28.66 per American depositary share, up 19 cents on the day.